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    Roderick is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. He lived his early part of childhood in Freetown; A community on the West Side of Greenville that derived it's namesake of a community that was established by freed slaves in Upstate South Carolina.

    Roderick took notice of his drawing ability at a very young age. When most kids were doodling and just making marks on paper he was drawing comic book characters with an incredible likeness.

    Roderick's grandfather, T.C. Hawthorne, helped mold his view of the world as a place of unnoticed art filled with shapes and wonderful imagery.

    Roderick began perfecting his talent before he started the first grade. His interest in art kept him focused from a small child through adolescence. So while balancing the scales of school, friends peer pressure and just being a normal kid; Roderick has been perfecting his talent for 22 years. That's not including the guidance that he received from his grandfather, T.C. Hawthorne before Roderick began attending school.

    His grandfather who also was an artist, received his degree through the mail while balancing the role as a father of four, grandfather of nine and a blue collar SC mill worker that had several jobs to make ends meet.

    Roderick's always knew that he wanted to make a mark on the world and realized that art was the way to achieve this goal.  So, while in high school, Roderick also attended a vocational school majoring in Graphic Communications. After graduating high school, Roderick became a Certified Graphic Artist. Because of his excellent abilities and wonderful work ethic, Roderick received a scholarship to further his studies in several South East states.  Roderick also received a scholarship to the Art Institute of Atlanta. Roderick obtained his degree in Commercial Arts from International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida.

    During his college years and afterwards; Roderick worked successfully as a freelance artist and for a modeling agency in South Florida for few years before moving back to his roots in South Carolina.

    Roderick comprised an idea to form an artist group that would allow artists to network with fellow artists. The main goal was to spread the wealth of information and opportunities that are in the art world for artists that aren't in the art circles. From that idea, EXODUS-The Artist Collective was born. Over the span of 15 years, Exodus Artists have had nationally recognized exhibitions across the United States.

    Jackson considers himself to be a maverick when it comes to the arts; always pushing the envelope. Jackson's work isn't characterized by a particular style; but by a mood. When you see his use of beautiful complimentary colors, creativeness, smooth application and great work technique, you feel his art as well. Roderick says,"With my paintings I try to achieve a visual delight for the senses. The type of artwork that you can just look at endlessly and never grow tired of it... Like a visual enigma, that has you always looking for the key of why you are drawn in by my artwork. In essence, I think that my artwork really reflects my mood at times, so I paint to release what ever it is that I feel.  Which to me equals pulchritude."

    Jackson has stated, "There are things that I haven't done as of yet but would like the opportunity to do. Such as work for a major advertising agency, design CD covers for music artists and eventually open my own design studio.  To me, it's just a matter of time."

    In the past few years Jackson has been working with HDR, industrial and abstract fine art imagery. Although he's rarely shown any of his new work in the past 5 - 7 years. He has finally chosen in which to debut his works and call home.